Call Links Troubleshooting
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Call Links Troubleshooting

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Video & Audio Troubleshooting

When you share a Call Link with anyone the Remote Guidance session operates in that persons web browser.
The web browser will ask for permission to use the camera and microphone.

If not promted for access, or the access was denied by mistake or previously the following steps will need to be taken.

iOS or iPadOS

On your iOS device go to the Settings App.
Settings > Safari > Camera | Microphone. Set to "Ask:

Go to Settings, scroll down to Safari:


Once in Safari, scroll down the Camera & Microphone settings:

In the Camera & Microphone setting, change the settings to "Ask"


When you are in your browser check the following settings.
These screenshots are from Chrome on Android.

Settings -> Site settings -> Camera/Microphone -> Choose ask first

In Chrome, Click on the Menu Button

Select Settings:

Select "Site Settings"

Make sure Microphone & Camera settings are set to "Ask"

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