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What is Remote Guidance?

XMReality Remote Guidance™ is a communication tool that lets you see through someone else’s eyes and guide them with your own hands – as if you were there. Remote Guidance is built on AR technology to provide our unique hands overlay guidance.

Who can i call with Remote Guidance?

Anyone. Easily connect to people inside and outside of your organization even if they do not have our apps installed. Send them a “Call Link” and immediately begin your Remote Guidance over a mobile devices web browser. XMReality provides a frictionless experience to anyone needing remote guidance

How do I use xmreality remote guidance to help a customer or colleague?

You can help customers and colleagues by simply sending a ‘Call Link’. They just tap the link and a Remote Guidance call starts in their web browser. You can now see what they see and communicate by talking, pointing, making gestures, and drawing on images, regardless of location. One of the app’s unique features is hands-overlay technology that lets you guide someone else’s hands – as if you were there. Sign up here, download the app and transform the way you support.

Does my customer or colleague also need to have the app installed?

No, all they need is a mobile device with a web browser. You simply send a ‘Call Link’, they open it on their mobile device and you’re up and running. If they have an account and the app installed, you can also call each other directly.

What is a call link?

A ‘Call Link’ allows anyone who clicks on it to start a Remote Guidance call with you. Once created, the ‘Call Link’ is only valid for one hour. The recipient does not need to have an account, they don’t need to install anything, nor do they have to enter any information to start the call. All they need is to open the link on a modern mobile device web browser. When they tap the ‘Call Link’ they will be asked to allow access to the camera and microphone. Once that’s done, they just tap the call button and your device will ring. The moment you accept the call, their camera will be streamed to your screen and you can start guiding them.

I know others who have also signed up for Remote Guidance - can I call them directly within the app?

Yes! If they already have an XMReality account, you can call them by first adding them as a contact using the ‘Add contact’ button, then selecting them from the contact list.

How do I log in to the app?

When opening the app you will be asked to enter your credentials. The username is your email address and the password is the one you selected when setting up your account.

How do I log in to the 'My Account' pages?

To log in to ‘My Account’ go to
You will be asked to enter your credentials. The username is your email address and the password is the one you selected when setting up your account.

If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot Password?’ and follow the instructions.

How do I change my password?

Click on ‘Forgot Password?’ on the login screen in the app.
Enter your email address and click on ‘Request new password’.
An email with instructions will be sent to the address you just provided.
Click on ‘Choose a new password’ and follow the instructions.

How do I create links?

To create a ‘Call Link’, log in to the app and tap ‘Create Link’.

If you wish, you can also enter a name for the link, allowing you to clearly see from which link a call is coming and more easily view your call log history.

How do I share my camera?

When in a call with a ‘Call Link’ recipient, the recipient will automatically share their camera. If you want to share your camera with them or when in a call with a regular app user, simply tap ‘Share’ then ‘Camera’.

How do I draw on the image?

To draw on the image, press the pause button and draw with your finger on the image. If the other person in the call has paused the video, you can activate the draw function by going into the tools menu and selecting ‘Draw’ to enter drawing mode.

Hands overlay is not available from the app.

If the hands overlay choice is greyed out (not selectable) check the following:

  • Are you sharing your video with the other person?
    It is not possible to share your own video and do hands overlay at the same time, since your camera is already busy with sending real-time video.

  • Does the app have access to the camera?
    For the hands overlay function to be selectable, the XMReality app needs to have access to the camera. The app asks for permission to access the camera when you open the app for the first time. Check the settings for the app on your phone.

How do I change the video/overlay quality?

The app will use high-quality video by default – if the network does not have the capacity to handle that quality then the app will automatically adjust the image quality to preserve a steady video stream. If you wish to change the default camera resolution, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and select ‘Settings’. In the ‘Advanced’ section you can change both the resolution for sharing the camera, and for sharing overlay.

Why can’t I draw when the other party has paused the video?

For the party that pressed the ‘Pause icon’, the draw menu will appear directly, allowing them to draw. The other party needs to activate their draw function. Do the following to activate it:

  1. Click on the hand icon
  2. Select ‘Draw’
  3. The draw menu appears and it is now possible to draw

Where are the snapshots stored?

It is possible to take snapshots from the mobile app – these are stored locally on the device.

The hands overlay feature doesn't seem to show my hand properly, how can I make it better?

When using Hands Overlay, you need to place your hand in the view of your phone’s camera and try to find a solid background that contrasts against your hand. You can tap the cogwheel icon when hands overlay is active to set whether you want to contrast against a backdrop that is either brighter or darker than your hand.

I sent a call link to someone, and when they call me, I can't see their camera or hear them, even though it all seems to be turned on?

In some cases, the web browser on the other side might not give us access to the microphone and camera, even though it says it will.. The XMReality web client will try to let the user know that, and that they can remedy the problem by closing any open browsers tabs that might have recently used the camera, and restart their browser by swiping it away in the app switcher.

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